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I am a teacher.
A LUME Institute production.

The power to change
society lies in
changing the way
young children are taught.

LUME-trained teachers connect with and support young learners through important emotional milestones during their critical early years. Our research is proven: independent analysis demonstrates that the LUME Approach improves the mental health of children.

So, what happens when you
meet emotional needs first?


Children taught by LUME-trained teachers come to school ready to learn because they know they will be understood and supported. With an equal emphasis placed on emotional development and multi-faceted literacy, children are presented with a well-rounded approach to learning that allows them to take away more knowledge.

"[LUME] participating classrooms experienced greater overall change in assessment scores in comparison to their non-participating classrooms."


Teachers who experienced LUME professional development, which includes an emphasis on personal and emotional connections, reported fewer problems with challenging behavior in their classrooms post-training.

“84% of teachers reported reduced reliance on ‘time-out,’ and 74% reported a decline in the frequency with which they found themselves in a power struggle with the child.”


The best way to teach math is to teach empathy first. When children have an emotional partner in their teacher, they feel secure in the classroom and have the confidence to take academic risks.

“[LUME-trained] teachers showed a 38% increase in understanding the emotional development of children after completing two Emotional Milestones training workshops.”


Teachers and parents work together to nurture the child, creating increased tolerance and a deeper understanding of the outside influences that may affect their learning ability and behavior.

“Over 75% of [LUME teachers] recognized the linkage between emotional development and success in school and 100% found ways to foster the emotional development of children.”


LUME classrooms are language-rich and expose children to many different types of literacy experiences and relationship building activities. This environment reduces academic, social, and income disparities over a lifetime.

“Children who are in LUME classrooms routinely exhibit higher scores in the areas of emotional milestones, early literacy, mirroring, and 21st Century discipline.”

Early education comes full circle. Teachers taught by LUME learn about themselves and how to emotionally support the children in their care.

Read the results of our recent study here:

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